Zahira Rbatiya Moroccan Party with DJ Naima Bouanani

On Saturday 17th September at 6pm, Moroccan superstar Zahira Rbatiya will be performing at the Porchester Hall, Porchester Road, London, W2 5HS. This event is for WOMEN ONLY.

This is Zahira’s first ever appearance in the UK. Zahira began her music career in the 90s, launching her first album in collaboration with the great star Abdellah Daoudi. She is now widely acclaimed for her Raï, Aïta and Chaabi music, with ten albums to her name.

The Amazing DJ NAIMA will also be supporting the evening, bringing North African music and laughter throughout!

Watch a clip of one of Zahira’s concerts to get you in the party mood!

Ahead of this exciting event, BMS Administrator spoke with concert organizer and BMS Committee member, Mina Metoui, about what guests can expect on the night.

Mina, why did you decide to bring Zahira to London this year? 

The Moroccan community, along with the Maghrebi community, including Algerian, Tunisian and Egyptian communities, in London is thriving, and there was a big demand from this community to bring Zahira to the UK for a concert. We are delighted to be organizing her very first appearance in the UK!

Who is this event open to, is it just Moroccan women, or can all women attend? 

The event is open to all women. For Moroccan and other Maghrebi women in London, this is a great opportunity to meet other members of the community, however all women are welcome and the event will be great fun, whether you’re a long time fan of Moroccan music or just want to try something different. There will also be British, Arab and Asian music played by DJ NAIMA and guests can make requests for other types of music on the night too.

Can you tell me a bit more about the raffle, what kind of prizes are up for the winning? 

They’ll be a variety of great prizes on the night, but to give you a sneak preview, Rayan Home, a Moroccan furniture company based in the UK, is donating a Moroccan sofa to the raffle. The prizes won’t disappoint!

The proceeds of the raffle are being donated to the British Moroccan Society. For anyone who doesn’t know the BMS, what does this money go towards?

The British Moroccan Society is dedicated to the promotion of links and mutual understanding between the two Kingdoms. They achieve this by providing opportunities for social, cultural, educational and charitable activities. As part of the BMS’s work, they have a charitable giving programme that supports grassroots organizations working in Morocco. You can read more about the charities that the BMS supports here. The raffle proceeds will go towards this effort.

And finally, how can we purchase tickets?

There are two ticket options available:

– a VIP ticket with a Moroccan meal for £70
– or a standard ticket with Moroccan tea and sweets for £45