In May of this year the Travel Link Foundation, one of the British Moroccan Society’s partners, organized a medical caravan in Agafay, a region around 45 minutes from Marrakech. The medical caravan took place on 27th May and involved 59 doctors from different medical specialties, including 26 from Casablanca and 38 from Marrakech, as well as nurses, pharmacists and other members of administrative staff.

The objective of the medical caravan was to meet the basic medical needs of the local population as well as to carry out early disease detection, including early detection of breast and cervical cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

In total, 1,250 local people benefitted from the campaign:

  • 210 people received dental care
  • 361 people received general medical care
  • 400 people received ophthalmology care (eye care)
  • 31 people received otorhinolaryngology care (head and neck)
  • 15 children received pediatric care
  • 100 people received gynecology care and early detection of breast and cervical cancer by ultrasound in a mobile unit
  • 40 people received diabetes care

In addition to this, 930 boxes of medication were distributed via the on-site pharmacy to meet individual medical needs.

As part of the medical caravan, 170 people (100 adults and 70 children) were identified as needing glasses. The total cost of providing 170 pairs of glasses was 30,600 dirhams, and the British Moroccan Society contributed half the cost of providing these. The BMS are honored to have contributed to providing such simple yet life-changing medical equipment to 170 people.

The medical campaign lasted a whole day, from eight in the morning to six in the afternoon, and was extremely successful. The Travel Link Foundation in particular wishes to thank the medical, nursing, and organizational team who participated in the initiative and made it such a success.