The BMS has received an update from the Settat Association for Development about a event recently organized with the aim of raising awareness about orphans in the region and offering them much needed assistance. The event was a collaboration between schools and different councils all centered around the theme of ‘Orphans are Everyone’s Responsibility.’
Throughout the day, a range of activities were organized including:
  • Sports – the children had time playing football matches and were rewarded with medals and prizes.
  • Theatre – children took the stage, delivering a moving performance that depicted the psychological and social challenges faced by orphans.
  • Music, Poems and Songs
  • Food – nourishing meals were provided for all attending children.
BMS funds were used to buy clothes for registered orphans, which were presented to them as Eid gifts. Overall, more than 100 orphans benefitted from this initiative.
A special thanks goes to Miloudi Najhhi, the President of the Settat charity, all other charity members, volunteers and teachers who were involved in making the event a success.