Colin Bosworth and Bosworth Property Marrakech

This month, BMS Administrator Ella sat down with our corporate sponsor Colin Bosworth to learn more about what it’s like to work in the Marrakech property market.

Colin is the Founder and CEO of Bosworth Property Marrakech, a property consultancy based in Marrakech that specialises in helping foreigners purchase property in Morocco.

The photos throughout this article are a selection of Marrakech riads that Colin has had the opportunity to work with.

First of all, can you tell me a little about your relationship with Morocco, how did it start, and how did it turn into the long-term relationship that you now have with this country?

I first started coming to Morocco in the 1990’s. At that time, I was young and sporty, and I would go off-road cycling in the High Atlas Mountains, often on my own. Those were some astonishing experiences. The generosity of the people, the incredible natural landscapes … and that sense of exoticism that pervades Moroccan culture. At the time I wasn’t particularly interested in the cities, preferring the villages and rural areas.

You went from cycling in the High Atlas to founding a property consultancy here in Morocco – how did that happen, and why particularly Marrakech?

When I first visited Marrakech in 2005, I was blown away. Far from being the Disney Land experience I had expected, I found a city with deep roots, deep culture, and stunning architecture. It also offered a lively nightlife and modern services such as supermarkets and stores. I decided that one day I would move here.

In 2011 that became reality. And I still love it here! Bosworth Property Marrakech sprang out of my love for the traditional Medina architecture and the sheer variety of building techniques and styles. No two riads are the same! We now sell property of all kinds – apartments, villas, hotels, building land – not just riads. Yet my love for the courtyard houses remains intact.

I think a lot of people who come to visit Morocco dream of buying a property there – what three tips would you give to someone thinking about purchasing a property in Marrakech?

The Moroccan property market, certainly in Marrakech, is remarkable in that it is almost entirely unregulated. It means that someone looking to purchase property can be inundated with offers from all sorts of characters. Many people can be led into trouble by unscrupulous wheeler dealers. So you have to get it right from the beginning. Firstly, work with a reputable agency. Secondly, use a respected Notary who speaks your language. And thirdly, certainly for your first purchase, buy only Freehold Title.

Once someone has a dream of purchasing a Moroccan property, the reality can be daunting. If someone is interested in purchasing a property through Bosworth Property, do you help them step by step throughout the process?

We accompany all our clients through the whole purchasing process, from first contact and curating properties, to viewings, the negotiation process, and the contracts. And of course, a client becomes a neighbour, so we have a lot of responsibility in getting things right. It is actually a remarkably clear and simple process, if it’s done properly. Our extensive network of English-speaking professionals – notaries, accountants, builders and so much more – are at the disposal of our clients in order to make their purchase as seamless as possible. Unlike in the UK and other jurisdictions, property transactions in Morocco are instructed by a Notary who performs diligence for both seller and purchaser. So, we work with only the best, international class professionals.

For you, what is so special about working in the Moroccan property market?

Each property is unique! I am still surprised when I go through a door and discover the unexpected. It is a fabulous job and one that drives me.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

We are a specialised team of eight professionals, with decades of combined experience in Marrakech. It is fabulous to work in such a vibrant and growing environment. I particularly enjoy the variety of my work. Meeting sellers and purchasers, discovering new properties, learning every day the intricacies of this stunning place. There is a good balance between being out and about and the technical and legal aspects of the job. I love my work and I love Marrakech!

And finally, can you tell me more about why you decided to become a corporate sponsor of the BMS?

For Bosworth Property Marrakech supporting the British Moroccan Society is a natural step. We are a British business established in Morocco and benefitting from the wonderful hospitality that this country affords foreign entrepreneurs. It is only right and proper that we give back, through our charitable donations, to the needy in the country that has adopted us. We know that the BMS is admin light and that our donations get straight to the front line. So we are proud to add the BMS to our list of charitable donations.
Moreover, the BMS is a fabulous hub and a hive of discussion amongst concerned parties about future trends and possibilities in cooperation between the UK and Morocco. It is always wonderful to meet with like-minded, positive and invested individuals. Together we are stronger.

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