Mehdi Nassouli & Koyos with Jerusalem Orchestra East West
Sunday 5th February 2023
Barbican, London


This performance combines the high-energy musical style of the Amazigh tribes in North Africa with arrangements in the Orchestra’s unique musical language, to transport listeners across genres into the realms of pop and jazz.
Tom Cohen Artistic Director and Chief Conductor
Omri Mor PianoMaster Gnawa singer and instrumentalist Mehdi Nassouli will arrive from Morocco, bringing his three-stringed guembri as well as three musicians who play the qraqeb, a traditional percussion instrument, and sing responsively.
Accompanying them will be a unique force in the global music scene, The Jerusalem Orchestra East & West which consists of musicians from varying religions, ethnicities and sectors, reflecting the diversity of Israeli society and celebrating together the rich cultural diversity of Moroccan society.
Performers: Mehdi Nassouli Lead vocals, gimbri, zorna
Koyos Choir and qraqeb