Association Outul

Ahmed Nait, our BMS representative in Marrakech, founded L’Association Outoul pour le Dévéloppement et Assistance à la Femme et à l’Enfant.

Association Outoul was created in September 2003 on the initiative of local inhabitants. The Association in located in Ait Ouafka, which is situated south of Tafraouate in the Anti Atlas about 3 hours drive south of Agadir.

The main source of income in the region is agricultural work on small parcels of land. However, the land is vulnerable to drought so many families rely on financial support provided by relatives living in the cities.

The local inhabitants founded Association Outoul because the region was severely lacking in training opportunities and services available to enable rural women to get involved in the local development process.

In 2003, Outoul built a dedicated learning center in the village. There are currently 25 children under the age of 7 and 90 women and girls between the ages of 16 and 35 participating in centre activities.

At the centre, Association Outoul carry out a variety of activities:

  • There is a dedicated teacher working at the centre to provide preschool education for children under the age of 6, which allows them to learn Arabic and gain basic skills before progressing onto primary school.
  • The association aims to fight women’s illiteracy by providing free classes in basic reading and writing.
  • They host a homework club to support local children attending school.
  • They also support women’s artisanal entrepreneurial activities related to embroidery, weaving and argan oil production. This helps families to generate a vital source of income. There are both women and younger girls who have dropped out of education involved in this project.

A middle school (college) was recently built in the area which has enabled more girls to continue their studies. Association Outoul supports these girls to continue their studies at university level by renting a house to accommodate them near to the university in Agadir. There are currently 5 girls from 3 local villages living in this house in Agadir, and BMS contributes every year towards the rent.

Address: Agni, Douar Doutmanroute, Ait Ouafka, Tahla Tafraoute, Tiznit

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