Learning Centre in Ouazzane

“On the way towards self-reliable, resilient and sustainable rural communities…”

This journey started in 2009 in the rural village of Farraha, with the objective to catalyze a creative dynamic of development locally.

This systemic approach to development interconnects 5 fundamental elements in any basic societal structure:

The local community
They are the main participants and stakeholders. It all starts from here!

The land
A quality biophysical environment is the sine qua non condition for human development.

The Learning Center – Dar Lil Kul Farraha
Education is at the root of all development, be it physical, intellectual, psychical, spiritual and social.

The Global Network – www.Dreamseeders.org
The global network of support, DreamSeeders, includes foundations, philanthropists, donors, voluntouristes, project holders…

Everyone is invited to take ownership of the project and collaborate with expertise and advice, time, money…

The Local Association – Ouazzaniyat
It has a role of facilitator, coordinator and regulator. It guarantees the proper functioning of the system and its sustainability.

We have been providing pre-school for the 3 to 6 year olds; afterschool tutoring for the older kids up upto 12 years old; different training in agro-ecology, permaculture, eco-construction, rain water harvesting, rocket heaters, and there is also training for women on traditional wool preparation, and we are planning training on eco-tourism for the local youth aged 18 to 30 very soon.

The BMS has been supporting us since the very early stages, and we are extremely grateful.This is a pilot project that we hope to replicate in other villages around the province of Ouazzane, and elsewhere in Morocco.

The photographs show wool training for the women, a compost-making workshop, a trip to Moulay on a natural reserve with some of the children.

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