While the attention of the worlds media has moved on the Al Haouz region continues to need urgent support as it prepares for winter.

So far the British Moroccan Society has made 90 visits to 63 villages delivering requested supplies. These are recorded here.

The most acute need at the moment is shelter. The Atlas Mountains has just experienced the first heavy rain since the earthquake.

1. Pallets are especially useful for raising tents of the ground and creating walkways. We have sourced more than two thousand pallets locally so far.

2. The BMS had received very generous donations of tents outside morocco. We are currently working on customs clearance.

3. Access to clean water is also critical. We have distributed water filters to 12 villages. A further 450 family water filter kits will arrive in our warehouse tomorrow.

4. We are currently delivering sixty food parcels each day to the most remote communities, that is approximately one tonne of food each day.


Our current food parcel consists of:

5 kg wheat flour (18,200 kcal)
5 kgs maize (3500 kcal, rich in protein)
2 kgs sugar (3870 kcal)
1 kg rice (1350 kcal)
1 kg lentils (1760 kcal)
2 125g sardines in tomato sauce (652 kcal)
2 60g concentrated tomato paste (100 kcal)
1 litre veg oil (828 kcal)
125g yeast (131 kcal)

Total 30,391 calories

Weight 16 kgs at a cost of 161 DH / £12.70 after discount.


Thank you for your continued support.

With love and best wishes

Mike Wood