Tadrit Development Association

Tadrit Development Association is located in a very remote village in the Azzaden Valley of the High Atlas, about 100km from Marrakech. The Association focuses on educational projects, but also runs other activities to meet the needs of the local village. The President is Youssef Ait Talat, who was born in the village.


Dar Al-Kitab

The main project run by Tadrit Development Association is ‘Dar Al-Kitab,’ meaning ‘House of the Book’ in Arabic. Dar Al Kitab aims to encourage local children to go to school, combat school dropout, especially among girls, and provide a space of learning and encouragement for local children. There is also a space within the centre to teach basic literacy skills to local women and run group workshops and the next step of the project will involve setting up a small library and media room.

A particular problem in the village is that when local children start primary school, they struggle adapting to the Arabic needed in the classroom, since the village is Amazigh-speaking. Dar Al-Kitab exposes children to Arabic in pre-school classes to help prepare them to start primary school, increasing their chances of succeeding and reducing school dropout.

A contribution from the BMS enabled the completion of the building. The centre was opened this year, and over 60 women and 160 children benefit from the centre.

Here are some ‘before’ pictures of Dar Al Kitab …


And some ‘after’ pictures now that the centre is open, thanks in part to BMS donations …


Summer Activities

The Association also runs a programme of summer activities for the children in the village, including sport, drama, educational activities and music.



Ramadan Parcels

The British Moroccan Society also collaborated with Tadrit Development Association to distribute Ramadan Food parcels to local families in Ramadan 2023.