Association Amal was created in 1992 and works to support disabled people in the Casablanca region. 

The association works with people with disabilities to:

  • Improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights
  • Act and advocate, so that their basic needs are properly covered

The association works in three main domains:


Service Provision

Association Amal assists people with disabilities by providing them with the necessary support such as: equipment, technical aids, advice, guidance, educational support, training, employment, and sport activities.



Association Amal defends the cause of people with disabilities and carries out advocacy to introduce laws for the protection and promotion of the human rights of people with disabilities.



Association Amal contributes to the construction of the infrastructure necessary for the rehabilitation and reintegration of people with disabilities including: construction of rehabilitation centers, training programs and professional integration.

The Association has 3 multipurpose centers in Casablanca located in: Hay Adil, Hay Mohammadi, and Ain Sebaa.


Hay Adil

The centre in Hay Adil was founded in 1998. 

The centre benefits 80 children with disabilities who benefit from schooling and social inclusion programs, as well as 120 young people and adults with disabilities who  benefit from training sessions, rehabilitation and medical assistance.

Hay Mohammadi

The centre in Hay Mohammadi is a medical assistance centre. 150 children with disabilities benefit from medical care and assistance at the centre.

Ain Sebaa

The Ain Sebaa centre specializes in assisting children with Down Syndrome and Autism.