Juliet Kinsman wants to create a short film about how a few dormitories are making a dramatic difference to the future for young women in rural Morocco.

“Through a tender, touching observational documentary we’ll show that world change starts with improved education and a little gentle, human kindness. Filmmaker Kuba Nowak recently spent time with the students in a remote mountain village in Morocco and heard from them in their words how a low-key charity in the Atlas Mountains is changing lives just by helping a few girls get a secondary education.

“It would be great if this film could sensitise people to the role of women in society show the importance of education for girls and the value of educating women” ¬†Thomas Reilly, patron of Education For All and Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco

Education For All is an NGO recently which started by building one boarding house in the Atlas Mountains and it’s led to a unique community of hope, learning, determination and love. Help us give a few inspiring young women in rural Morocco a louder voice in a beautifully made, emotive film so that they can inspire others all over the world. This sensitive, uplifting portrayal of these teenagers ¬†lives and their successes where futures might otherwise have been bleak will amplify the universal message that world change starts with improved education.”

For more information, or to back the project, visit the Kickstarter page here.