Charity Work

Charities the British Moroccan Society is supporting: 2013-2014 :
Learning Centre for Berber children and women in Talataste between Marrakech and Ouarzazate: This was opened in June 2010 and is the first centre provided by the BMS.  The centre has a teacher Halima and a young man Abdel to help with computer training and after school activities. Halima is teaching Arabic to 40 Berber children age 4 to 5 and providing books and help to another 100 children.  52 000 dirhams which pay for 2  teachers’ salaries, the rent and the material

Contribute to another learning centre Dar Lil Kul for pre-school children and school children in the village of Faraha located in the Province od Ouazzane, 2 hours from Tangier. We are helping to pay for the teacher. 10,000 dirhams 

Ouazzaniyat is a registered NGO, founded in 2011 by a group of women in the Ouazzane Province in Northern Morocco

thank-you_0                      dar-lil-kul-1
Association Amjkak, pour le Developement rural, Ighil Noumgoune, near Ouarzazate. They’re building a learning centre. 10 000 dirhams

Association OUTOUL   £1000
Pour le Développement et l’Assistance à la Femme et l’Enfant
President: Ahmed Nait
Address: Agni, Douar Doutmanroute, Ait wafka, Tahla Tafraoute, Tznit
Tel: +212 6114 8451

Association Assafou (Ahmed Nait)  £2000 : Development of 2 more Learning Centres : Agounsane and Ouarialte

Casa Nazareth is run by the Spanish Franciscan brothers of Cruz Blanca, it is situated in the old building of the Spanish Post Office in the legendary Soco Chico in the Medina of Tangier. Casa Nazareth has three main functions that focus on the assistance and support to various groups in the town.  10 000 dirham.
The committee members of the BMS would like to thank Christopher Gibbs for patiently accompanying Nadia La Valle to all the charities we support in Tangier and for his long-standing support of the BMS. This includes a very big donation to all those charities from the Getty Junior charitable Trust.

 La Crèche de Tangier is extremely well run by Naima and nurses provided by le Ministère de la Santé.
It is a very cheerful place that gives shelter to abandoned babies, 45 on the day of our visit. The last baby-girl, few hours old, was found abandoned in the street, two weeks ago. The babies are kept under medical supervision and immaculately looked after in the hope that they will be adopted. If not, upon reaching the age of two they are sent to orphanages.
There are five severely handicapped children over two years old in the Crèche, that nobody wants, not even the orphanages. Naima and the rest of the staff have “adopted” them and it is so heart-rending to watch them together, playing, laughing and loving.The good news is that lately the adoption procedures have been made easier and provided the prospective adopting parents are Muslims, all nationalities are welcome. I have witnessed Swiss, French, Spanish, Italians and Americans who happily changed their faith in order to adopt Moroccan children. La Crèche continues its excellent work, thanks to donations.Volunteers and personal donations are welcome. Cheques made out to: La Crèche de Tangier Hopital Al-Kortobi – 90 000 Tangier     65 000 dirhams
Centre for abandoned babies in Rabat (Prof. Bouazzaoui). 10 000 dirham 
Address: Association d’ Aide au Nouveau-NeMalade Kangourou
16 Rue Bani Bouayach, Rabat
Tel: +212 3768 0567 or +212 3768 6998
Fax: +212 3768 0562
The Centre provides material, technical and moral support to newly born babies from poor families and also abandoned babies.
Person in Charge: Professor Naima Lamdouar Bouazzaoui

 Centre Abnaouna pour enfants trisomiques ( down syndrome children) T21, Marrakech. 10 000 dirhams

New : Association d’Aide aux Enfants Abndonnes (AAEA), El Jadida    10 000 dirhams 

Anciennement Creche du Dr Sebbane, Hopital Mohamed V,

Home for the Elderly in Meknes        13 000 dirhams

Tangier’s Foyer des Jeunes Diabetiques are in desperate need of funds as the number of children with diabetes continues to increase. Presently they are looking after 280 children.
Thanks to the BMS help; one child will be added from the waiting list. – details will be sent directly to the Chairman.
In Tangier there are over 600 diabetic children, whose families have no means to provide the daily necessities of this deadly disease, without their daily dose of insulin, these children will suffer endless complications leading to early death.The Foyer tries to help but they are extremely short of funds. Under the direction of Dr Abdelmalek Bennane , all the excellent staff, volunteer doctors and trained nurses paid by le Ministère de la Santé, work very hard to keep the centre going, as well as assisting as many children as possible.It costs 250 Euros a year to provide insulin and all the requirements necessary to keep one diabetic child alive. Personal donations are VERY welcome. Cheques made out to: “Foyer Jeunes Diabetiques Centre de Santé Said Noussairi” – Rue de Fez – 90 000Tanger   17,000 dirhams

Tangier’s centre for children «Charity Missionaries (Mother Theresa)»      10,000 dirhams
The Sisters of Mother Teresa are very hard working nuns residing in the Old Spanish Cathedral in the Medina. Three Indian, one French, one Spanish. They are successfully coping with heartbreaking situations; teenage rapes, unmarried mothers, abused children, marital violence, drugs and alcohol abuse, abandoned elderly people, etc etc
Their door is open to everyone day and night. These angelic Sisters are truly saintly as their great founder, and carry out their work with great devotion and a perpetual smile on their pretty faces.Volunteers and personal donations are welcome. Cheques to be made out to: Missionary of Charities Rue Siaghins, 54 Old Spanish Cathedral Medina – 90 000 Tangier
Centre Amnougar Photos (PDF download), near Ouarzazate. Centre for mentally and physically handicapped young adults. 10,000 dirhams